A UNI assignment for which I received a YCN AWARD. My claim to fame, published in THE ARGUS. My original idea was to make an online promotional video for the BME website. As they want to educate people about the history of music in Britain I thought of making some sort of virtual pop up book showing the development of music in Britain through the different eras. I decided to make flyers, in the same style as the graphics from the pop-up book, to accompany the online video. These flyers could be left in tourist information points, hotel lobbies, cafes, bars and restaurants, which would help increase the number of tourists visiting the BME. On the back of each A6 flyer would be a marker for an “Augmented Reality” experience. The BME have an “Interactive Gibson Studio”, giving visitors the opportunity to play various guitars from the Gibson family. I thought about making an AR online experience, where the user can play a virtual 3D guitar, and get a taste of the British Music Experience.

BME Spokesperson

“Jess presented a simple solution encompassing both our historical content and use of new technology through combining 'nostalgic' imagery with augmented reality. Taking the idea through from an online platform to a printed flyer neatly directs the user to visiting the museum.”

  • Project Name British Music Experience
  • Date March 2011
  • Tools Flash, Action Script 3, Photoshop
  • Category Design, Augmented Reality