A self portrait I made with a handheld 3D scanner and 3Ds max.

Just a rough experiment with 3D scaning and printing.

3D Interior

My first project in 3Ds max. This was a uni assignment in 2009. The brief was to make a 3D interior with a camera fly through. I photographed all the textures in the scene, and used photoshop to make different types of texture maps.

I rendered it out using mental ray settings. Unfortunately I had to lower all it's render settings to draft, as the computer kept crashing mid frame, so the quality is awful.

Project Link


A short advert for Crabbies ginger beer, I made as part of a brief for uni. The Brief stated that we had to have all of our own footage and texture, and had to include both 3D and greenscreen elements. Made using Photoshop, After Effects and 3Ds Max. It's fairly cringy to look back on now, but it still makes me laugh every time, so I decided to keep it up here.

Project Link

Retro Wave

I've been teaching myself Cinema 4D to develop my 3D skills.
Here is a video loop of a retro futuristic wave animation.