Hey! I'm Jess O'Callaghan a digital media designer
based in Cork/Brighton.

Animation and VFX

I like to experiment with all types of animation including; 3D animation, stop motion, and flash animation. I have been using 3Ds Max, Adobe Flash with Action Script 3, Adobe After Effects, and good ol' paper and ink to create various animations.

Art and Photography

Art has always played a big part in my life. My grandfather, Diarmuid O'Ceallacháin, was an Irish artist who taught in the Crawford school of art. I have a keen interest in art and photography, digital and analogue, and like to experiment with both.


I am also very interested in augmented reality, graphic design, film, motion graphics, game design and other various art forms.


In 2011, I won a YCN (Young Creatives Network) Award for an augmented reality project I did for their British Music Experience brief.

Jess presented a simple solution encompassing both our historical content and use of new technology through combining 'nostalgic' imagery with augmented reality. Taking the idea through from an online platform to a printed flyer neatly directs the user to visiting the museum.